Work in Progress

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Here is an update on the progress of the 40 H.P. Fairbanks We thought that we would split the cylinder thinking that the front half would come off and the piston would be stuck on the back half.   When the back half came off we discovered that the cylinder sleeve is one piece.   The front and back are just water jackets that cover the sleeve. The piston is still stuck in the sleeve.

Removed the exhaust valve from the valve chest and the valve guide flange broke off so I will make a new valve guide and probably a new valve with stem.  I am going to grind a new seat in the valve chest.  I am actually making some progress.  Lauren

Be sure to check out the pictures under the photo section.

Stay tuned…

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Stay tuned, a new site is in the works.. We will soon be in possession of the new Fairbanks and will be posting weekly updates of the progress.